College of Design Teams Up With Documentary Film Maker for "Shelter"

In recent weeks, the College of Design has partnered with DocuCinema, and its founder Lee Schneider, on a portion of his upcoming documentary titled Shelter – a movie that focuses on architects and designers who are using principles of good design to address homelessness and disaster relief. The goal of the film is to inspire others with design skills to consider using them to help address social issues, and to enhance the dialogue between the public and design and architecture communities.

Once complete, Shelter will receive exhibition at film festivals, on PBS, and at colleges and universities across the country. The film will also be used for pro bono workshops and presentations directed toward architecture and design students.

Stay tuned for more information on this project. In the meantime, check out a rough cut of Shelter featuring architecture graduate students Brent Suski and Abby Kurlinkus (begins around 6:50):

You can also read the latest production update from Lee Schneider here.